Kimberley Cup Feb 3 & 4

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    Caitlin Campbell

    Hey all,

    Here are the final details for tomorrow!

    Saturday: Kings Court Sprints, there will be no qualifer you will be doing 3 heats. The first heat is a random draw and you will move up and down from there. The first heats are published on zone 4 .  Heats will be running quickley so once you finish your first heat go back to the start area and listen for you name to be called.

    Arrival: U14’s Please arrive 1.5 hours before you start and bring your skis to the tent

    Bib Pick up: You are responsible of picking up your own bib, they are doing this in a tent by the start area, this is also where you will pick up your meal ticket (don’t lost this! )


    U8 Boys & girls – Quarters 9:30, finals 9:34 ( no semis)

    U10 Boys & girls – Quarters 9:55, semis 10:10, finals 10:25

    U12 Girls – Quarters 10:40, semis 10:55, finals 11:10

    U12 Boys – Quarters 10:45, semis 11:00, finals 11:15

    *Morning Awards*

    U14 Girls – Quarters 11:40, semis 11:55, finals 12:10

    U14 Boys – Quarters 11:45, semis 12:00, finals 12:15

    U16 Girls – We don’t have any

    U16 Boys+ – Quarters 12:45, semis 13:13, finals 13:38


    Sunday: Mass Start 

    Startlist is posted on Zone 4 Be sure to know your start time!

    The start will be a skate start 3 people wide (no double pole section). Start position is random.

    Arrive 1 hour before your start for a nice warmup.

    Bib pick up will be at the same place as today, there will also be chips.

    Good luck & Have fun!

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