Kootenay Cup: Feb 3 and 4- Updated 15:00 on Feb 3

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    Sara Renner

    Race information
    Race event page: click here

    Trip document
    Refer to email sent from Caitlin January 24

    Pre-skiing the course
    We will meet as a team on Friday, February 2 at 4:30PM to skate ski the sprint and distance courses before it gets dark. Your day pass for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is included in your race fee. It will just be about a 45 minute ski to loosen up after the drive. If you cannot make it for 4:30pm, do not stress about it.

    Saturday, February 3
    U10 Classic king court sprint. 200 meters.
    U12 Classic kings court sprint. 200 meters
    Kings Court Sprints, there will be no qualifier you will be doing 3 heats. The first heat is a random draw and you will move up and down from there. The first heats are published on zone 4 .

    Start times
    Expect the start lists to be available from 8:30 pm the night before each race.
    For start lists for Saturday’s King Court: click here
    For start lists for Sunday’s Mass start: click here

    Classic ski drop of times for Saturday
    U10 Boys and Girls: 8:25
    U12 Girls and Girls: 9:10

    Athlete drop off
    One hour before start time. Drop off location at the Canmore Nordic Wax tent in the stadium. Drop off times will be confirmed after the start list is released after the coaches meeting.

    Drop off times for Saturday, February 3
    U10 Boys and U10 Girls- 8:55. Warmed up by Sara
    U12 Girls and Boys: 9:40. Warmed up by Boekel/Heal and Sara

    Start times for Saturday, February 3
    U10 Boys and Girls: 9:55
    U12 Girls: 10:40
    U12 Boys: 10:45

    Sunday, February 4
    U12 Skate mass start 2.0 kilometre
    U10 Skate mass start 1.0 kilometre

    Drop off times for Sunday, February 4
    U10 Boys and U10 Girls- 8:40 am warmed up by Sara
    U12 Boys and Girls: 9:00 am warmed up by Rachel.

    Start times for Sunday, February 4
    U10 Girls- 9:40
    U10 Boys- 9:45 am
    U12 Girls- 10:00 am
    U12 Boys- 10:05

    Glide Wax
    The glide wax recommendation is Swix CH6 or PS6. Glide waxing is not requirement for U10 and U12.  It will not effect racing outcomes at the Track Attack age but can be a fun or funny optional family activity.

    Classic ski grip wax preparation
    The Canmore Nordic waxing team will apply grip wax on race day. The expectation is that classic skis are marked with your child’s name and race category with a marked, clean and sanded grip zone.  Mark your kick zones clearly please and draw the lines across the top of your ski so they do not disappear when you clean your skis. To find grip zones: click here. Classic race skis can be delivered to the Canmore Nordic tent in the stadium 1.5 hours before the start.

    On race day, Canmore Nordic is responsible for taking the kids registered in Track Attack on a warm up and bringing them the start line. Parents and fans, meet us in the finish area. You will find us eating cookies in the finish area.

    U8/U10/U12 – Participation award for all racers.
    U12/U14/U16 – Year of Birth medals for 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd

    I will update the Canmore Nordic Track Attack parent community on the whatsup group when I update the forum with new information. For the link to join: CLICK HERE

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