Lake Louise Training Camp – Nov 14-16

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    Alain Parent

    As you know by now, the Lake Louise Training Camp is a go. Please read through the following details:

    Friday: Meet at Lake Louise Hostel at 9:30am. Please have your classic and skate skis ready (basewax for CL) and scraped. We will do one or the other depending on the conditions. We will do some Z1 training, focusing on getting used to the long boards. We will also do some speedwork. Total training time this morning 2.0-3.0hrs. Bring a lunch and snacks as we will not have anything setup for food until supper.

    Friday PM. We will leave the hostel at 3:00pm to go training. Please arrive the hostel 15min before if you can’t make the morning workout. Again, we will be doing some technique work and endurance. Total time 1.0-1.5hrs.

    Dinner at around 6:00pm. We will have a group meeting in the evening.

    Saturday: Depart the hostel between between 8:30am and 9:00am (more details at the team meeting). We will be doing technique work identifying some technical points to prorize. Total time 2.0-3.0hrs.

    Saturday PM: Z1 ski, perhaps on 1A trail. Total 1.0-2.0hrs

    Dinner at 6pm, followed by home strength routine tryouts and stretching.

    Sunday:: Time Trial (distance/technique to be determined upon conditions). We will be doing this with the T1 athletes as well. Total 1.5-2.5hrs.

    12:00 Pick-up at the Hostel. Organize your own transport.

    Equipment: Please bring some rock skis for the first couple workouts (have them scraped). Be ready to ski in temperatures that could get to as cold as -15 degrees, but also in rain! Bring a headlamp for any night time activity. Also, bring a swimming suit in case we find a lake (or pool!) and your running shoes. Same sleeping arrangements as the Ribbon Creek Hostel.

    Bronwyn, Colin and Kendra: bring your goals sheets for the meeting.

    Email or phone me if you have more questions (678-0266)

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