March 18-24

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    Mark Naylor

    Howdy U14’s,

    Welcome to our final week of practice! Nice work to those of you that got out there enjoying the rays while Caitlin and I were away. We’ve got a bit of an action packed week so take a close look.

    A quick reminder too to any U14 XC athletes looking to try out some biathlon, this Thu. Mar. 21 we will have a Biathlon try-on session (With me, Mark)! See below for details.

    Here’s what we have going on:

    Monday (18) Classic Ski @ CNC
    5:00-6:30. Meet in the stadium.

    Tuesday (19) Skate Ski @ CNC
    5:00-6:30. Meet in the stadium. Track Attacks will be joining in to check out some U14 action.

    Wednesday (20) Classic Ski – U14-2 U16 Try on Session @ CNC
    4:45-6:15. Meet in the stadium. For our U14-2 athletes looking to make the move to U16, we have an extra try on session for you to take a look at skiing with the U16/18 team, and our daily training environment.

    If you are planning to attend, send me a quick email if you can so I have a rough number of attendees!

    Thursday (21) Biathlon 
    4:45-6:15. We’ll combine with any XC athletes coming out to get some fun athlete coaching in, and end off with some games.

    Any U14 XC athletes interested in attending, please send me an email so I know how many to expect to help with rifle prep.

    Friday (22) Bow Valley Races Series 3 
    4:45-6:16. It’s the last BVRS this week, come out for a grand old time with friends and celebrate the end of season! It’ll be a multi lap skiathlon sprint, meaning you’re going to have to change in and out of your skate and classic skis for a total of 4 laps. I recommend using your classic boots for both, as striding in skate boots is a little challenging on the ankles. The preference is up to you in the end!

    Check out the details and register HERE.

    Saturday (23) Final Session – Skate Ski!
    1:00-3:00. Meet in the stadium. Our final session of the year (How did it get here so fast??). We’ll meet in the stadium and get up to some trouble. Heading out to the hut, for a little pizza and jump making!

    In wrapping up our season, Caitlin and I want to thank you for being such an incredible group to work with this year. It has been an immense pleasure to spend time with all of you every week, and your enthusiasm you bring to practice makes me look forward to every night.

    I hope each of you has found something (or multiple somethings) you can look to this year as achievements for yourself, I know I sure can! I posted this quote at the very start of the year, and in the spirit of achievement we’ll end off with it too!

    When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paul Coelho

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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