March 19-25 *Updated March 20*

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello Team,

    Great work out at Nationals rolling with the changes and making the most of the week.  While we did get 1 less race day than planned, there was still a lot of energy expended on the trip.  Rest up this week and get the energy back up.  The skiing is still amazing, and the top countries in the world continue to ski into April. So keep getting out and logging some KMs under those boards.  Many events coming up:

    • Nordiq Alberta’s end of season bash: You have likely received many emails from Kyla about this, but registration has been extended to March 20 if you are keen to drive to Red Deer to attend the bash:
    • The Alberta World Cup Academy is hosting a BBQ/Pot Luck/ ski with World Champions on Saturday too. 5pm to 9pm Bill Warren Training Centre. Come ski and celebrate with
      • Sonja Schmidt – U23 World Junior gold medalist
      • Oliva Bouffard-Nesbitt – National Champion Skate sprint and 15km Skate
      • Natatlie Wilkie – Gold World Para Biathlon Championships 7.5km sprint
    • This is a great opportunity to ski with your idols and to learn more about the World Cup Academy.
      Here is the link to the signup sheet and full world cup academy team roster:
    • We will be squeaking in 1 more Bow Valley Race Series on Friday, March 22.  This will replace Thursday’s team session. Sign up on Zone 4 by March 21.
    • The sign up deadline for the Vernon Camp (already!!!) is March 24 to allow us to drop unused condo units and not be charged for empty rooms.  Sign up on the 2024/25 camp sheet HERE

    Team training this week & Next:

    445-615 Classic ski with Bullseye Intensity.  We will have the 2010s joining us tonight to get a taste of U16, so be ready to answer a few questions. Bring your “Nationals Shoe Box” at the start of the session to the teamroom. We will meet in the XC Stadium at 5pm.  Warm up on your own until then.

    Wax recomendation: Universal Klister

    500-800 BVRS #3 Multiple exchange Skiathlon- 4km total.  I would recommend classic boots, but your call. Bring all your equipment (skate and classic). We will have a social after the race in the BWTC ($6 pizza).

    No team training due to all the other events offered today. If you are not partaking, get out for some activity for a few hours.

    445-645 Classic Distance.  Final local team ski of the season, but those not traveling to spring series should keep skiing after today.

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