May 15 – 21 *Updated May 20 @ 7:30*

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    Stuart Harden

    Hello biathletes,

    It was great to get started on rifle fitting sessions last Saturday, we will be continuing with those this Monday, as well as scatt sessions for the U18 athletes. Signup is here if you still need to claim a spot:

    A reminder that this Wednesday is the deadline to order ammunition for the year. Please put your requests down here:

    We will be training at the Mt. Shark range this Saturday. Athletes and families are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the Mt. Shark trailhead (located here Allow an hour for the drive, please arrive at the parking lot at 9:40 to give yourself enough time to walk up to the range and be ready to train by 10:00. It’s more of a hike (literally and figuratively) than we’re used to, but it’s great range with recent upgrades, and it’s still less than the Calgary crew have to drive to get to CNC! Although the session ends at 11:30, we appreciate if the athletes are able to pitch in to help put away range gear–perhaps 20 minutes past session end. Thanks very much!

    Please contact Stu if you need to purchase ammunition from the club the use until the order arrives.


    Monday (15)
    Rifle fitting/scatt sessions.
    See available timeslots and meeting location in link above.

    Tuesday (16)
    Gym and physical training.
    4:45-5:45 Girls in gym first, followed by indoor balance and agility. Finished at 6:45.
    5:45-6:45 Boys in gym second. Balance and agility 4:45-5:45.

    Wednesday (17) *Updated*
    4:45-5:45 Super smokey today (as you can see). Indoor aerobics and agility in the Canmore Nordic Centre Day Lodge. Bring a water bottle & indoor shoes.  We will be channeling your inner 1980s aerobic instructor, so feel free to bust out some bright neon and tank tops. 

    Saturday (20) *Updated*
    10:00-11:30 Shoot + run combo at Mt. Shark.
    With the smoke clearing chances look great that we’ll be at Shark tomorrow. The forum will be updated one last time by 7:30 tomorrow to confirm training is going ahead. Bring all the usual things (rifle, ammo, runners, food, water) plus bear spray.
    The air is clear, training is going ahead. See you at Mt. Shark!


    “A gold medal is a wonderful thing, but if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.”
    –Wally Kozak, coach for Hayley Wickenheiser 

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