Nov 7-13

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    Rachel Koroscil


    • There are a couple of mid November deadlines on the race spreadsheet HERE
    • For safety reasons, a bright headlamp with a fresh charge is required for all after school sessions. If you forget to bring your headlamp or your battery dies, please go to the bwtc to spin on a bike or call for a ride – let a coach know you have left the workout. Coaches don’t want to be policing (we way prefer coaching!), we ask that you make the call on your own to stop the workout.
    • It’s going to be cold this week a good idea to glide waxing your skis with green wax.
    • The club’s Cold Weather Guidelines is HERE

    Monday (7)
    See XC Forum

    Tuesday (8)
    See XC Forum

    Wednesday (9)

    4:45-6:15 Biathlon Skate Ski Combo with Cornering Technique

    Thursday (10)

    2 options for team sessions today:

    1. Morning 10km skate time trial. Details HERE  + PM Easy Combo Shooting 4:45-5:45
    2. Biathlon Intensity Practice 4:45-6:15

    Friday (11)

    No school today. We recommend a 2 hour ski with friends – See your TP for individual training.

    Saturday (12)
    See XC Forum for Details and check back for changes based on snow.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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