November 3-9 ***Revised***

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello LCs,

    Hopefully after a recovery week of training all your energy levels have replenished and you are ready for some more training. A little house keeping:

    It is getting dark early now. You need to have a headlamp at every evening training session. Put it in your drink belt so it will always be with you.

    It is time to renew your racing license, or get your first license for some of you. See Alain’s post for more information and/or Apply here:

    LC2’s: Sign up here for an individual meeting. You need to have ilog updated and have started filling in your goal form:
    Some of you still have not had your poles measured. Please see Matt before or after training when at CNC to get this done.

    Tuesday (4): 4:30-6:30 Skate intensity on Frozen Thunder Frozen thunder is getting thin, so bring your warm up or rock skis for training. If you are going to Radical Reels, you will still have time to complete the training session and attend the films. You can pack a change of clothes and eat supper on the drive to Banff.

    Wednesday (5): 4:30-6:15 Zone 1 run and core. We will meet at Quarry Lake parking lot.

    Thursday (6): 4:30-6:30 perhaps ski on Frozen Thunder (Rodi Multigrade Klister is the wax of the day) and strength. Always bring your running shoes to every workout this fall.

    Friday (7): LC2 ONLY: Since it’s a zoo on Frozen Thunder on weekends, we will have a Time Trial at 2pm today. Arrive at 1:15pm and plan for a SKATE TT. We will be all done by 3pm. Some of the individual meetings will need to be pushed to Saturday morning -> check spreadsheet for your new time.

    Saturday (8): OYO training, check Training Peaks. 2000’s grab a friend/ family member/ dog and head out for at least a 1.5 hour run

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