November 7-13 * Updated Tuesday 9pm

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    Alain Parent

    “The only way you can find out how good you are is by giving yourself a chance.
    Most of us excuse, rationalize, or give up before we’ve even given ourselves a shot.
    Put yourself in position to do something. Don’t obsess over whether it’ll work out or not. Be there first.”
    – Steve Magness


    • If you have grown 3kg or more since last fall, it is good to confirm your wax pockets. Drop off skis for flex testing at the teamroom. If something is not a good fit, we will note the weight range for that ski. Ensure skis are clean, scraped, and brushed. We can check skate skis too if needed.
    • There are a couple of mid November deadlines on the race spreadsheet HERE
    • For safety reasons, a bright headlamp with a fresh charge is required for all after school sessions. If you forget to bring your headlamp or your battery dies, please go to the bwtc to spin on a bike or call for a ride – let a coach know you have left the workout. Coaches don’t want to be policing (we way prefer coaching!), we ask that you make the call on your own to stop the workout.
    • It’s going to be cold this week a good idea to glide waxing your skis with green wax.
    • The club’s Cold Weather Guidelines are HERE

    Monday (7)
    445-500  Warm up OYO. Strength with Chelsea 500-600.

    Tuesday (8)
    445-645  Strength and skate ski.  Drop your ski equipment at the teamroom. U16 in the gym first.

    Wednesday (9)

    No team training today. Check Training Peaks.

    Thursday (10)

    2 options for team sessions today:

    1. Morning 10km skate time trial. Details HERE
    2. 1200-1330 team workout. Skate ski intensity. Meet at the groomer.

    Friday (11)

    No school today. We recommend a 2 hour ski with friends.

    Saturday (12)
    930(arrive)-1230. Distance classic ski in Bragg Creek. Meet at West Bragg Creek Day Use Area (HERE). It takes ~65 minutes to get there from Canmore. Bring a mid ski snack, hardwax, cork, and appropriate clothing (including a change of clothes for after the workout). Wax your skis at home. It is useful to have the Nordic Pulse website to guide us ( We will ski the telephone loop if it’s been groomed recently.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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