October 21-27

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello Team,

    Frozen Thunder is out and it is AWESOME! Canmore Nordic Centre did a wonderful job this year and were able to add some extra skiing this year. Athletes from all over the world are drooling over the skiing right here in our back yard. We are going to seize the day and get some early on snow time. Here’s the plan for the week:

    Tuesday (22): 4:45-6:45 T3/LC athletes who did NOT attend ADT/AST- Run, strength, and skate ski on Frozen Thunder. AST/ADT will take the day off from physical training. Biathletes should still shoot.

    Wednesday (23): 4:30-6:00 LC- Meet at Quarry Lake Parking Lot. Run, ski striding and sprints. Bring your poles.

    Thursday (24): 4:30-6:00 T3/LC- Classic ski on Frozen Thunder and light strength. We should be able to classic ski (you will need klister but hairies could work well if it was warm during the day and the snow is still wet)), also bring classic roller skis. The Track Attack program is having a training camp over the weekend and we are short classic rollerskis for them. It would be great if you could lend your rollerskis for the young kids to use. If so, please leave them with Alain or Matt tonight.

    Saturday (26): 9:30-11:30 T3/LC- Skate Rollerski with sprints and relays at Bow Valley Provincial Park Campground. Meet in first parking lot close to entrance of park.

    Keep up the great work team. You have had a quality season of training, and it is only October.

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