October 24-30

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello U14,

    Great to have so many skis dropped off for flex testing. Keep them coming if you would like them done.  We will mark lines on your classic skis, or write a recommendation for the weight range for that ski. We are happy to test skate skis as well, but the exact flex for a skate ski is not as critical. We coaches will be testing over 300 pairs of skis over the next few weeks, so it is important that skis are clean when delivered. Think clean enough that you wouldn’t hesitate to rub the kick zone on your face.  Skis need to not have any kick wax/klister on them as it is not possible to slide the feeler gauges under the ski, we can’t get an accurate reading, and dirty skis make the machine sticky and takes us additional time to then clean it. Unfortunately we have had to turn some dirty/ unscraped skis away, so as a reminder->
    To be flex tested skis must be:
    -Clean (glide wax scraped & brushed and kick wax/klister removed from base & sidewall with scraper and WAX REMOVER)
    -Have a piece of painter’s tape with Name and weight in KG.

    Lake Louise Camp- After reading through the trip document, if parents/athletes have any questions please see me at 6:30 on Monday just across from the BWTC.

    • Order your Canmore Nordic clothing, including the redesigned race suit HERE

    HalloweenWe will have team training on Halloween, tentatively a skate ski on Frozen Thunder, weather permitting.  The session will just be 1hr so you can hit the streets for some Trick or Treating. Costumes highly encouraged!

    As you can see, some new details on the top of the forum (Wax Gide & Waxing Videos).  This will be our go to place for information as many areas of the website need to be updated.

    Training this week:

    Monday(24) Run @ CNC
    5:00-6:30 Meet at the flags for a mix of running, sprints, and games.

    Tuesday(25) Skate Ski & Run @ CNC
    5:00-6:30 We will start with a skate ski on Frozen Thunder.  Due to the loop only having the outer section with lots of hard climbs, we will typically only ski for 1hr at a time on FT.  We will wrap up with 30 minutes of running. Meet at the teamroom.

    Thursday(27) Biathlon @ CNC
    4:45-6:15 Biathlon on SKIS!  Bring your Skate Ski equipment for a night getting your range entry/exit dialed in. Meet at the teamroom as usual.

    Saturday(29) 2 Separate sessions for BIA & XC:

    Biathlon: 9:30-3:00 Mt Shark Day- More details to come.

    XC: 1:00-3:00 Run @ Cougar Creek Trailhead (the eagle)
    We will run the horseshoe trail & G8. Bring a snack to eat along the run. I am still looking for 1 parent (or more) to come out and join the group for the run.  Sign up here

    “To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.” -African Proverb
    (We are an amazing team and you are young athletes with a lot of years of training ahead of you. It sure is a lot more fun to all go on this journey together.-Matt)

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