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    Alain Parent


    It’s probably been a while since you performed a roller ski safety check. Let’s cover the basics!

    With September just around the corner it’s a perfect time to inspect your roller skis. Basic roller ski maintenance and inspection can dramatically increase the reliability of your roller ski equipment. Check the 5 key things below!

    1. Bolts

    Loose bolts is a common roller ski issue and is often only discovered when a bolt check is performed.

    2. Wheels

    The exact time a skate or classic wheel should be replaced depends on the condition of the wheel. Skate wheels should be replaced when the wheel diameter is between 90mm and 95mm. Any wheel should be replaced if there are signs of cracking rubber, rubber delamination from the rim, or spoke damage. Wheels with cracked spokes make an audible clicking sound and should be replaced immediately.

    3. Bearings

    Bearings that are seized, feel gritty when spun, or feel loose should be replaced. Bearing wear is almost always hidden behind the rubber bearing seal (red or black) and can’t be seen visually.

    4. Bindings

    Check for loose binding screws and cracked binding components. If some binding screws habitually loosen we recommend using wood glue on the threads of the binding screws before retightening.

    5. Frame

    Roller skis are designed to withstand general use including scratches from low impact ground strikes. Dents and cracks indicate significant frame damage. Any roller ski frame with a dent or crack should be immediately replaced.

    Other Information

    Rundle’s full user manual can be found here.

    Have a question about the condition of your roller skis? Email to contact Rundle directly, or visit your local Rundle dealer. Replacement parts and wheels are available online at

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