September 18-24 *Updated Friday @ 3:30*

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello Team,

    Great work to everyone who came out to the time trial on the weekend.  It is great to get the body starting to move fast.  We will have 2 more rollerski time trials in the next month, so great opportunities to build upon what you did well, or to improve what you were not satisfied with.

    Special training opportunities coming up, just to ark the calendar:
    October 11- 6:00-7:00 -> 3,000M run with Foothills and XC Bragg Creek at the Nakoda Elementary Tack
    October 14- 9:00-12:00 -> Bow Valley Campground Sprints

    Time trials and test events are great opportunities to push yourself and try new tactics without the added stress of races that have trials or qualification aspects attached to it.  Remember, we can only improve with things that we practice.

    Note for parents- Monday Sep 18 @ 7pm @ BWTC will be the special AGM to approve the financials from last year.  If you are able, please attend so we can be sure to make quorum.  It should be a quick meeting.

    Training this week:

    4:45-6:30*  Zone 4 Ski striding intensities up the gap.  Meet in front of the BWTC. These intensities are a great opporutnity to really settle into your Z4 pace and feel some great technique.  With the long run back down, we will likely go over our usual 6:15 finsh, but not more than 6:30.

    4:45-6:45 Strength and Skate rollerski with sprints. U18 in the gym first, U16 rollerski first.  Meet infront of the BWTC

    4:45-6:45 Distance run. Meet at Millennium Park with your drink belt and a bar. We will run nice and continuously today in a comfortable Z2 breaking into groups to ensure you are going the proper Z2 pace.

    5:00-7:00 Strength with Chelsea. Ladies in the first hr, Gents in the second.

    9:00-12:00 Skate rollerski on the 1A.  We will take advantage of the closed road and get out for a nice long distance skate ski.  There is now an event at the Fenlands, so we will meet at the Banff Train Station Overflow Lot   (Gravel lot next to Banff Ave). Pack 2 bars to eat during training and a good lunch for the drive home and a change of warm dry clothes.

    Many athletes were under-dressed on Wednesday.  This leads to poor training adaptation when your body is shivering to try an stay warm.  Come with proper clothing for 9*C and light rain.

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