September 22-28

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello LCs,

    The larches are changing, so that means winter is right around the corner. Before you know it we’ll be back on skis. The CNSC race suit order night will be October 2. More info on the top of the forum under announcements.

    Alain and I expect all of you to register and race hard at XC running Zones. Talk to your teachers and get registered. Cross Country National Team coaches all over the world advise their athletes to run for training. It is one of the best ways to improve your fitness and make you a better skier.

    Here’s the plan for the week:

    Tuesday(23): LC1(XC/BIA) LC2(XC/BIA) 4:30-6:30 Beep Test and Core. This is a good max heart rate test that helps us coaches to personalize and fine tune your training zones and a great way to challenge yourself to try and improve from your last test. Meet at the team room with WORKING HEART RATE MONITOR.

    Wednesday(24): LC1(XC) LC2(XC/BIA) 4:30-6:15 Track workout. Meet at Centennial Park with running shoes and drink belts for some Zone 3/4 intensity.

    Thursday(25): LC1(XC) LC2(XC) 4:30-6:30 Classic roller ski and strength. Meet at the team room.

    Saturday(27): ALL CNSC MEMBERS- Fall club hike. Be ready to go at the trail head at 10am SHARP. Details below:
    All athletes, coaches and parents of the ITA-TA-TT-LC-PC programs are invited to join in a fun club hike around Tent Ridge in Kananaskis country on Saturday, September 27th. This hike traverses the Tent Ridge horseshoe taking in three summits with one section of easy scrambling. Views of Robertson, French, Sir Douglas, Commonweath, Birdwood, Smuts and The Fist are part of the reward.

    This is “one of the most enjoyable ridge walks you will ever take,” according to the Gillian Daffern’s Kananaskis Country trail guide.

    TT-LC-PC will hike in a clockwise fashion (a bit longer and some exposure) and ITA-TA will hike out and back in a counter clockwise matter along the ridge and meet the older athletes for lunch. Parents are welcome to use either route. The full clockwise hike is about 10.5km and hiking time will be 4 hours – mark my words!

    Description and photos here:

    We will meet at 10:00am at the parking lot, see below. Please be on time!

    How to get there:
    From Canmore, follow Spray Lake Rd (742) pass the reservoir until you reach the Mt. Engadine Lodge/Mt. Shark turnoff. Turn there and drive 1.8 km to the trailhead parking area. Look for other CNSC vehicles

    Congratulations on reading this whole post!

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