September 5-11

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello U16/U18,

    Now that you have had a week to settle into your fall routine with school, we will dive back into team training. Quick note, there were a sufficient number of athletes who signed up for the Kimberley Camp, so the bus will go as planned!  More details will be coming your way via email once we get the trip document all squared away.

    Training this week:

    Monday(5) No team training. Happy Labour Day

    4:45-6:45 Strength in the BWTC & Running with sprints/agility
    U18 in the gym first. Meet in the BWTC with your clean indoor shoes
    U16 running first. Meet at the teamroom

    4:45-6:45 Classic Rollerski on the Legacy. Meet at Travel Alberta.

    4:45-6:15 Ski Striding intensity in Bullseye. Meet in front of the BWTC.

    9:00-12:00 Road bike the Legacy trail to the 1A, and back.  It is great to get a little bonus training time riding your bike from home.  Meet in the parking lot as usual.  Be sure to pack 2 bars/snacks, 2 water bottles, and a spare tube.

    “The most satisfying lives are those which involve challenge, fear, and Struggle. Effort, struggle, and difficulty can, in the right contexts, lead to the joys of mastery and flow.” -Paul Bloom, Yale Psychologist Professor

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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