Shark Fest/AB Cup 8- Skate Pursuit/Mass Start

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Great work out there today team! Your hard work today has earned you your start position for tomorrow.

    Check for your start time.

    Remember, you will be timed for tomorrow for the AB Cup 8 race, but the first person across the finish line is the Shark Fest Champion. So give it your all; you are racing 2 races at once!

    The course will close at 9:50am.

    Enter the stadium from the far end as you did today. Chips will be there. The Pursuit Start varies a little from category to category so be sure to check your start time to see if you are in the pursuit lane or the mass start lanes.

    The race will start with a 10 meter double pole, then skate your heart out.

    Pay close attention to the starter. If you start early, you will receive a 15 second penalty in addition to the time you jumped the gun. So start on time.

    Midget Girls- The race organizers apologize for their mistake today. You will all be starting Sunday’s race in a mass start.

    Awards are planned for 2:30 in the usual place at the West end of the day lodge.

    Good luck and have fun out there!

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