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    Alain Parent

    Hello Team –

    Race start for Atom, Pee Wee, Mini Midget will begin at 10:30am. All other category starts will begin at 11:00am. Individual starts for all.
    Arrival: Please plan to be at the site 1.5 hours before your start (actual start times might be posted on zone4 on Friday evening). As you know classic races always require more lead time! Don’t forget that it takes 50-60 minutes to get to Mt Shark.

    Try to car pool if possible. There is a parking restriction and the lot is not that big.

    CNSC will find a spot as close to the trails as possible to set up a wax station. We will need a bit of help with waxing and coordinating as we will have the Yukoners to take care of as well. I imagine we will wax 50-60 pairs of skis that day (klister!!). The forecast is for a high of + 8 in Canmore, but Shark is colder, and could be a mix of rain and snow.

    Wax recommendation: Forecast for Canmore: Low Friday night +3, high of +8. Mt. Shark will be colder, but by how much?

    FOR T2/TC/TW:

    Choose a medium to soft ski to use if we wax with a soft wax or klister. Also bring a soft pair, if you have one, in case we use hairies. This would be great practice.

    1) Swix HF8
    2) Solda F40 yellow
    3) Swix LF8 or Solda F15 yellow
    4) Solda Performance yellow

    Base Binder: please apply a binder, toko green, thin coat, but not on the pair you might want to use for hairies. The potential hairies skis needs to have the wax pocket cleaned really really well. Don’t do the base wax if you only have 1 pair.

    Sunday will be slightly colder, I predict some snow (Alain’s forecast). Glide wax your skate skis with:
    1) Swix LF7
    2) Solda F15 red
    3) Solda Performance red

    Arrive the venue 1.00 to 1.25 hrs before your start on Sunday. Look for Scott when you get there. Mass starts on Sunday.

    BRING WARM CLOTHES, BOOTS, RAIN JACKET, ETC… AS THERE ARE NO BUILDINGS TO WARM UP IN – We will be out in the elements for the day. Bring event waivers if you require them.

    Awards for both days are at noon for mini-midgets and under; and 2:15pm for the midgets and older.


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