Sunday’s Race

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello Team,
    Great work out there today. That was some good racing; hopefully you all were to focus on your goals (process or outcome) and learn something from today.

    NOTE: Start times have changed form the original race notice. Please pay attention when reading.

    SKIATHLON: Arrive 1.5 hours before your start time
    Warm up in skating
    Classic skis will be ready to kick test 45 minutes before your start
    Equipment change boxes will be in bib order with #1 at the far end of the transition zone near the finish line.
    15 minutes before your start you can place your skate gear in your box
    5 minutes before your start you must be clear of the pits
    Pick up your classic gear as soon as possible when you finish your race
    15 minutes before the next race any gear that is left in the pits will be placed near the finish pen
    All courses will close at 8:50am
    Men- we will feed on the top of the last hill just before you start downhill under the bridge.
    Start times:
    Open Men: 9:00am
    Open Women: 10:45am
    Junior Men: 11:45am
    Junior Women: 1:00pm
    Awards: 1:45pm

    DISTANCE SKATE MASS START: Arrive 1 hour before your start time
    Junior and Juvenile categories will start in one group at the same time seeded based on your Distance points. For results and awards the categories will be separate.
    Start will be 50 meter double pole
    You can pick up your race skis 20 minutes before your race start from the team room.
    The course will be a “no choice course” meaning it is all V-boarded and you will not be able to make a wrong turn without skiing through a fence or V-board.
    Start Times:
    Junior and Juvenile Boys: 2:00pm
    Junior and Juvenile Girls: 2:30pm
    Awards: 3:15pm

    You are all fit and race ready. Have fun on these world cup courses! :mrgreen:

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