Team Training, February 23 – March 5 UPDATED

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    Alain Parent

    Superb effort and results at the Western Canadians everyone. I am really proud of all of you!

    The training this week will be a mix. You will have some real easy days, some longer ones, a bit of intensity and the Cookie race (see your program for the details). Here’s what’s happening for team training:

    Tue (24): Easy training on your own as per your training plan.

    Wed (25): Team room, waxed up and ready to go for 4:30pm. NEW PLAN due to weather and skiing conditions: We will ski in classic tonight. We will still make some training groups with everyone doing 1.5hrs if you can – TC’s can try doing a bit more if you are not too cold (don’t push it). We will try to make up 15minutes at tomorrow’s training. Register for the Cookie race before 9pm tonight.

    Thu (26): 4:30pm. You each have different interval types in skating. Check your program before the workout. Please try to do 15min more volume than your program says.

    Sat (28): Cookie race. Drive yourself there and find the coaches around the Pocaterra hut when you arrive. I believe that all 15km racers (and Annika the tourer!) is scheduled to start at 10:25am

    Tue (3): On your own as per your training plan.

    Wed (4): 4:30pm for a short and fast workout in classic. I will have some Salomon skis that you can try-out for the workout today. Bring Salomon boots if you want to try any. We will have a Nationals athlete meeting at the end (Leah can continue her skiing!). We will be all done by 5:45pm

    Thu (5): On your own as per your training plan.

    Fri (6): Departure for Nationals.

    For those going to Nationals: take extra good care of yourself for the next 3 weeks. Use sport drink in all workouts above 1hr and recovery drink after each workout.

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