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    Hey Team:

    We have had a great start to the season. Lets keep at it and build on our success.

    Lately, we have had some issues with ppl being late… I would like this to change. Organize yourself so you can arrive as close to 4:15pm as possible. When you arrive come straight down to the range, load clips, dry fire immediatly and zero. It is taking us too long to get through this and therefore we dont get much done afterwards. Please give your best effort on this.

    Tuesday: Z1 CLASSIC combo and sprints for strength warm-up. TT1 and TT2 strength to finish in weight room (5:45 till done). TT2 will likely go till 6:45pm. Please arrive as early as possible to put kick wax on skis!

    Wednesday: TT2/TC only. Z1-4 combo. Z4 lactate testing if weather permits (if its not too cold).

    Thursday: Ski strength combo, some ski strength sprints and a relay to finish.

    Saturday: Club Kick-off starting at 10am till noon. More info to come.

    Sunday: Bow Corridor Regional race (BCRR) skate team sprints. Registration info to come. These races are in Calgary, so expect to be gone most of the day. ALL TT1/TT2/TC should take part.

    Thats all for now!
    Roddy 8)

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