Training December 8 – 14

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    Alain Parent

    Great weekend races, I was very happy and impressed with how you prepared and how hard you raced. I am proud of you all.

    The next 2 days are aimed at recovering from the racing and traveling. But we must also continue to train and improve! I would like to see how things are going for you before designing a new training plan – please update your iLog and let’s talk on Tuesday.

    Here are the group training sessions for this week:

    Tue (9): 4:30-6:15 at the team room. We will go in classic working on technique and downhills (if there is a good spot!). We will have a group meeting at the end of the workout

    Wed (10): 4:30-6:15 at the team room. We will do intensity with the biathletes. Threshold work (high zone 3) in classic, 3 to 5 times 4min efforts.

    Thu (11): No group training. Go for a 30-45min recovery run.

    Fri (12): As per your new training plan.

    Sat (13): Time Trial in late morning TBD. There are biathlon races at the CNC this weekend.

    “We will go to the moon. We will go to the moon and do other things, NOT because they are easy but because they are HARD.”
    John F. Kennedy

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