Training June 23 – July 1 NOTE CHANGES

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    Alain Parent

    Hello, almost summer holidays!! Hang in there for a few more days. Here’s the team training schedule for this week:

    Tuesday 24 (T2/TC): Meet at 9am at team room for Z1 run (with warm-up sprints) + strength in gym (routine #2 & 2B). Do this workout on your own if you can’t make it that morning.

    Thursday 26 (T2/TC): Meet at Sheraton at 9am for Z1 & Z3 RS-SK. Do this workout on your own if you can’t make it that morning.

    Friday 27 (TC): Unofficial team training for xc skiers and biathletes (athletes meet to train together without a coach). Z1 road bike ride. Really try to stay in Z1. Meet at 3:00pm at Sheraton.

    Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 (T2/TC): See full schedule at and below

    Sunday PM
    T2: meet at 3pm at the team room for a warm up and RS-SK time trial (~4km). Z1 Ski walking after, bring your SW poles
    TC: meet at 2pm at team room for mt-biking around Back Door, Albertan, EKG

    Monday 30
    T2: hike with poles up Ha-Ling. Meet at Goat Creek parking lot at 9:15am
    TC: RS-CL Time Trial on Sunshine Road. Meet at Sheraton at 9:00am. We need parents to drive to Sunshine

    Tuesday 1 (T2/TC): Canada Day Run. Plan and do a good warm up with 4 X 1min of intensity (start in Z3, the last one in high Z4). Start in a fast but comfortable pace and increase thespeed to go your hardest from kilometer 4 to 8

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