Training: June 9-15th

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    Hi Team:

    Its our first testing week! Come prepared to give your best efforts!

    Tuesday (all groups): Uphill Rollerski Time Trial, followed by a precision test

    Wednesday (TTW only): shooting drills, Z1 combo with sprints

    Thursday (T2/TC only): Double Pole test, followed by your strength plans (no shooting)

    Friday (TW only): shooting drills, Double pole test and precision test

    Saturday (all groups): Not 100% sure on this yet. We may ski at Sunshine if we can OR we will do a BIathlon Time Trial (testing).

    Sunday (all groups): We may again ski at Sunshine (weather dependant) or you will train on your own.
    * Skiing will be a last minute decision likely as the weather needs to cooperate.

    There will be a fee associated with skiing at Sunshine, just not sure how much yet.

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