Training Sept 29 – Oct 5

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    Alain Parent

    Great job at the camp this past weekend. You really did well focusing on your technique on Saturday.

    This next week is an easy week. I need to get your feedback before I can finalize your training program (check email or Tuesday posting below). Make sure you think recovery this week (lots of sleep, hydrotherapy, stretching…). Continuing doing the 3min of chin ups on every training day. This is the last week for chin ups; I will change the exercise next week.

    Tue 30: No team training today due to weekend camp. Easy Zone 1A bike ride on mostly flat terrain for 45-60 minutes. Spin your legs at about 90rpm. In the evening please update your ilog. I need to know your motivation level (0-10), energy level (0-10) with 0 meaning you are so tired you can’t get out of bed and 10 being the best you have ever felt; feeling average is ranked a 5. If you have rated anything below 7, let me know when you think you are going to feel 7 or better (which day).

    Wed 1: Meet at team room at 4:30pm for some RS-CL Z1 & Z3 with biathletes. We will be done around 6:00-6:15pm today. We are asking the T2-TC-TW (xc and biathlon) to stay 15minutes at the end of the workout to clean up the team room.
    Parent meeting today at 5:45pm in the small meeting room of the BWTC.

    Thu 2: Meet at team room at 4:30pm. We will run on the trails including the Oct 7th xc running courses. We will be done at 6:00pm today.

    Sat 4: We will meet at 9:30am at the team room for some RS-SK. We will ski to Three Sisters, so bring your vest. We will be done at 11:15am. I would like to meet with 1 athlete at 9:10am today and another at 11:15am. We will discuss your goals. Send me an email to book either time.

    Again, think recovery 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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