Training this week- Oct 29th

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    Hey Team:

    Recovery week! Make sure you take time to relax and build up stronger after our hard training. Catch up and get ahead on school work!

    TT1: Rifle cleaning, precision test. Z1 rollerski combo technnique
    TT2: precision test, Z1 rollerski combo with sprints
    * 200 shot tests for senior and up. 100 shot tests for juniors

    Wednesday (TT2): Drills, Z1-3 combo.

    TT1: warm-up combo and strength combo (unless snow??)
    TT2: warm-up combo and strength maint. in gym. Core with shooting.

    Saturday: No team session, train on own.

    TT2: Following Tuesday expect to train till 7am (weight room maint. at end of practice). Wed and thursday will likely be a little later at practice as well.

    All: Remember, next week Nov 9-11 we have our club snow camp. Get ahead on your homework this week, as next week, you will be more tied up with training.

    See ya 8)

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