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    Hi Team:

    I will be back this week for the camp! Please see the schedule below.

    Thu July 24 (TC only):
    8:30am: Meet at team room for shooting session and RS-SK
    3:00pm: Meet at team room for some RS-CL double poling (CL equipment)

    thurs evening:
    T2- sport psyc session from 6-7pm at the BWTC
    TC/TW- sport psyc session from 7-8pm at the BWTC

    Fri July 25 (T2/TC)
    AM: Strength in gym for TC’s, uphill strength (RS-CL) for T2’s. Meet at team room at 9am for both groups.
    PM: Meet at team room at 3pm for mt-bike ride to Banff (via riverside trail). Camping at Two Jack campground

    Sat July 26 (T2/TC)
    AM: RS-SK up Norquay
    PM: Z1 adventure training

    Sun July 27 (T2/TC)
    AM: Ski stride intensity up Norquay.
    Lunch and dip at Johnson Lake after.

    See you all in a couple days!

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