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    Hey Team:

    Saturday: Club Kick-off

    The plan is to meet at the nordic centre at 9:45am in the Biathlon Stadium. We will play a few games in the stadium until 11:00am. At that point we will ski up to the XC Stadium and meet the jackrabbits. You will all be placed in groups to lead Jackrabbits through obstacle courses!

    EVERY biathlete should participate, this is a big club event with media. EVERYONE should wear their canmore nordic race suits and jackets. If you don’t own any then do your best to borrow some thing that says Canmore Nordic.

    Sunday: Race in Calgary

    All BCRR information is available at:


    Same day registration is possible, but the line up will be long for the first event.

    Note: Pre-Registration closes at NOON (1200h) two days prior to the event

    Race start is 10am. Expect an e-mail in th next couple days on what time we will meet sunday monring and where for our drive to calgary.

    See ya!

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