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    Hey Team:

    WORLD CUPS ARE HERE!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Your training plans are very much different this week, so make sure you check them so you know what your doing. We will still run all our regular practices, but some of you will miss one or at least part of a practice.

    IMPORTANT: WE are not allowed to park down in the Biathlon area or by the BWTC. Please park in the main NC parking lot and walk down to the team room. Let’s make sure we stay out of the way of all the WC teams and organisers.

    Tuesday: 4:30-6:30. TT2’s in weight room only (most of you anyway..). TT1/TC warm-up combo and strength

    Wednesday: 4:30-6:00. TT2’s will have a range of workout lengths.

    Thursday: 4:30-6:30 Ski strength (some athletes day OFF, check plan). Again, workout length will vary.

    Sunday: Time Trial. Meet at 8:40am, zero opens at 9:00am, race start at 9:45am. You will cool down, eat, change, hopefully shower (depends on BWTC) and then put on your winter clothing and help pick up WC litter starting at 11:30am. All CNSC Junior racers are need to do the litter pick as the money our club earns from this is going directly into your program.

    World Cups!!!! Get out and watch those WC racers as much as possible and chear on our Canadians!
    Remember your for-running days and of course make sure your wearing your CNSC racing suits for that.

    See ya,

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